Windows Xp Pro Repair Disk Iso Download

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Download Windows XP recovery disk and repair disc to fix broken, corrupted, or non-booting Windows XP or restore your PC to a working condition.

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Yes, you do need a XP PRo CD (not a restore disc as sometimes supplied) to repair windows.
I suggest getting hold of Live Linux CD, such as Knoppix or Suse etc, to access you Hard disk so you can backup your data to a CD-R or DVD-R or a USB drive.
Then you can reinstall Windows from scratch again or replace the HD if its faulty.

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Great thanks a lot for that suggestion. I ordered a Knoppix CD right away and of course being Linux it was really cheap. Then I'll download my important files and do a Windows reinstallation. Thanks again.

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I need help with the same problem

How do I access the hard disk with a linux cd? I have no idea how to do any of this. And i really want to access my data to put it on external drive.
Please help me. You can email me. Appreciate any and all help.

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Use a live distribution disk

you can get them from pc mags or buy one, and boot from the CD/DVD.
Create a new post and ask about which version of live linux distro would be best if you need more info.

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U need to mount the hard drive. Find the command line program, its terminal in kubuntu that i use, and type:
sudo mkdir /mnt/disk
sudo mount /dev /sdal /mnt/disk

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i want to repair it can u plz tell me how can i do that

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Not sure about the repair, u could boot into safe mode, f8 usually, and see if u get anywere. Regarding recovering files before reinstalling windows, the best way is to use a free linux distro live cd. Search google for kubuntu, and download it, burn the iso to a disc, and boot from cd with in it. Its completely safe and wont harm anything as a live cd is like a try it before u install. Once the cd has loaded the hard drive should already be mounted and u can transfer files to a usb.

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Maybe.. <br>
Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset <br><br> <br>
How to obtain Windows XP Setup boot disks <br><br> <br>
MicroSoft Boot Disks <br><br>
MS Windows XP / 2003 / VISTA CD setup file (ISO file)
This is a special CD designed to allow you to prepare your
system for an installation of any of the above operating systems.
The disk also contains all the tools you might need to repair or access
an existing OS. <br><br> <br>
10 things you can do when Windows XP won't boot <br><br> <br>
Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console <br><br> <br>
Download fixmbr - MbrFix tool to repair master boot record <br>
MbrFix is same as fixmbr or fdisk /mbr, but works in any Windows including Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2k. <br><br> <br>
copies boot.ini, ntldr, from the floppy to the C drive <br>

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easy fix

You can always use reimage to repair windows it performs an in place reinstallation of all windows files. you can download it here

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9 times out of 10..

all that is necessary to fix the 'Unmountable Boot Volume' error is to run chkdsk on it. Even if this inevitably does not effect a repair, it is still the first step in doing so.
For this all that is needed is ANY Windows XP setup disc. Boot from it, let it run just as though you were going to install windows, but at the first screen choose 'R' to run the recovery console.
At the C prompt, type chkdsk /r/f (I use both switches because I can never remember which it is per version)

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The Windows XP installation CD-ROM includes recovery options on it. When booting from the CD-ROM you can access the recovery console to repair corrupted boot files and scan the hard drive for any errors. If your computer did not come with an installation CD-ROM or if you've lost it you can download the bootable disks from Microsoft, provided you have a floppy drive.

Floppy Disks


Browse to the Microsoft download site (see link in Resources) and download the floppy disk creator. Ensure you select the download that matches your version of Windows XP, either Home or Professional.


Double-click on the downloaded file to extract the contents onto your computer.


Double-click on the extracted file to begin the boot disk setup. When prompted, insert the first disk into your floppy drive. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the creation of the Windows XP boot disks. You can then boot a computer from the disks and use the recovery console options.


  • If you need the full Windows XP setup CD-ROM, you must purchase it either from Microsoft or from a third party. It cannot be legally downloaded.

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