How To Identify Fake Drivers License In The Philippines

Text: LTO LICENSE (no spaces/dash) and send to 2600. Drivers to check the authenticity of the applicant's driver's license. Whether it be a driver license, University degree --anything and showed me some of his handi work. Well folks what an artist, he had every type of document you could want with all the seals and official stamps and signatures, everything. (I do not believe it is a sin to want to have a glass of. Show more I need something like a Philippine driver's license that states I am over 21, because though I am legal pretty much everywhere (inc. Europe) I am not legal in the US. Do not plan on using it here (I am legal, why would I need to), only in the States.

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Is this a fake driving license?

We are a motorcycle rental company and recently are receiving many requests from customers with Chinese nationality but that have Philippine driving licenses. I read online that fake driving licenses are common in Philippines.

Could you please help me to tell if this one is fake? For me the most suspicious is the address which only states the name of a region; 'Imus Cavite'. No building name, street, apartment number. Is this common? Thank you very much for your help.

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