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Still frustrated as hell bout my copies of the Clash 'Outside Broadcasts' (vols 6-8) being dicked up, but this is important enough to merit a break in that series anyway. 71 year old Lou Reed passed away... what a sad, sad thing... it happens to us all, I'm afraid, but MAN, not LOU REED.
'Very few people ever heard the Velvet Underground, but everyone who ever did started a band', or something like that, used to be the old adage. And it's true,arguably THE most influential act on the field of a LOT of modern-day rock (it would be impossibly ridiculous to list everyone who owes them a debt of gratitude), and Reed was the dynamic force behind them. I did a Velvets 'rarities' post LONG ago, almost certain that if you check the links are dead, but no matter..when I get the Clash thing wrapped up I will construct a PROPER 'best Lou Reed Post EVER' which of course will have to contain all the Velvet's brilliant work, plus the high points (and there have been many) of Reed's post-Velvets career...
I really don't have a lot to say here, except you will be missed by at least ONE person, Lou (me), and of course by many others...the Velvets single-handedly introduced me to what music from the 'dark side' of life could REALLY sound like, and were almost definitley THE #1 influence on my personal, present day musical tastes...
As I said, I'm in the middle of the Clash thing, someone has requested some Hawkwind (which I think I WILL do), and also soon I will be putting together a PROPER obituary for Lou Reed...but for today, why not enjoy 'Rock N Roll Animal', an album that I have simply always loved (post-Velvets work)...I think the version of 'Sweet Jane' is THE definitive version (sue me it's what I think), MAJESTIC versions of Velvet classics 'Rock N Roll', 'Heroin', in my estimation a SUPERIOR version of 'White Light/ White Heat', a fine, fine, five-star live album with Lou fronting an crack band of session musicians, led of course by guitarists Steve Hunter (of the showboating 'Sweet Jane' into) and Dick Wagner, Keyboardist Ray Colcord, Bassist PrakashJohn, and drummer Pentti Glenn...harder rocking and more dense than the wonderful stripped down/fuzzed up Velvets sound, this album is SO much better than it has any right to be, as Reed takes his own classic material and actually redefines it...DAMN hard to do, if you ask me, and it takes a true one-of-a-kind performer such as Lou Reed top do it
So enjoy this album, Clash stuff should resume tomorrow, and eventually we'll see some Hawkwind and THE definitive Lou Reed post...REST IN PEACE MR REED you will be and are missed!
01 Intro/Sweet Jane/02 Heroin/03 How Do You Think It Feels/04 Caroline Says/05 White Light White Heat/06 Lady Day/07 Rock N Roll
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A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another.

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Art and entertainment[edit]

  • Transformer (Lou Reed album), 1972
  • Transformer (Bruce Kulick album), 2003
  • 'Transformer', a song by Gnarls Barkley from St. Elsewhere
  • Transformer (film), a 2017 Canadian documentary
  • Transformer, a 1986 Sega arcade game

Science and technology[edit]

  • Transformer (gene), a family of genes that regulate sex determination in some insects
  • Transformer (flying car), a DARPA military project
  • Asus Transformer, a series of hybrid tablet computers
  • Switched-mode power supply or, in extra-low-voltage lighting applications, 'electronic transformer'
  • TrikeBuggy Transformer, a U.S. powered hang glider

Other uses[edit]

  • Transformer (spirit-being), an indigenous tradition of the Pacific Northwest of North America
  • Prada Transformer, a building in Seoul, South Korea

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