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Warcraft III 1.23 Maphack - Dota 1.23 Maphack - Garena Maphack Well, Warcraft 1.23 Patch has been released and It will require new Dota Maphack. So this post is created to give the updates of Warcraft Maphacks. I will update this post as soon as I find Dota 1.23 Warcarft 1.23 maphack

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for Garena. If you have any working Garena 1.23 Maphack for Dota you can share it by posting comments. And by the way Maphacks are only for noobs!

• 1.23 Simple Maphack for Warcraft 3 1.23 Patch:

This simple maphack only see units in minimap without FOG. I don't know it works on Garena or not, I recommend you to try this maphack while Garena Hack running on your background because it disables Garena Antihack Protection.
  • Reveal Units
  • No Fog
  • F4 = Turns On
  • F5 = Turns Off
  • F7 = Quit
DotA 6.81d map is publicly released in the early August. This map has been released after a very long wait. This release closely focuses on balancing some key heroes which were carrying extra edge in the previous map. Interestingly there hasn't been any new hero or item included in the new map instead there are numerous heroes, cosmetics, items and gameplay balance changes have been made.
DotA 6.81d Map Download:
  • DotA v6.81d.w3x(7.88 MB, Bug Fix release)
DotA 6.81c Map Download:
  • DotA 6.81c Map(7.9 MB)
DotA 6.81b Map Download:
  • DotA 6.81b Map(7.9 MB)
Download the map file (with .w3x extension) and place it in (Warcraft IIIMapsDownload) directory. You must have Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e or above to play this map.
Last Updated on August 10, 2014
DotA 6.81b/c/d Map Changelogs (Official)
  • DotA 6.81b Changelogs (Patch Notes)
Seeing the past record its clear that fans might well have to see one more map in the few days. The further progress in the current series is under progress and fans will be able to see the new version in the short period of time. So stay patient for the next update.