Huawei Smartax Mt880a Firmware

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SmartAX MT880a; User manual; Huawei MT880a User Manual. SmartAX MT880a ADSL CPE User Guide HUAWEI. PPP Dial-Up Software of the MT880a If.

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Do not reboot the device using the Reset button on the back panel of the MT800 to
activate new changes. This button resets the device settings to the manufacturer's

4.20 Firmware Upgrade

Click the hyperlink Firmware Upgrade in the Wizard column to
open the Firmware Upgrade page and update the system software.
Upgrade File: Type in the full path and file name of the firmware
file to be uploaded. Alternatively you may click the Browse button to
When the file names have been entered, click the Upload
button to start loading the firmware file. If the upload is successful, a
message informs you that it was successfully loaded. If the firmware
does not load, an error message informs you to try the upload again.
Check the file names and attempt to upload again. If the file still is not


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