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Les traigo el nuevo hasty mu hack speed 100% funcional para season 3 y season 4 servidores privados funciona en Mu-EliTeGroup 100% comprobado protegidos con anti cheat y sin el que lo disfruten y diviertanse a lo grande saludos.

[Edit the Hex values of your Gamserver.exe guide]
In this guide you will learn how to edit your Gamserver.exe (where many options of your server hide).
What do you need:
1. Read ALL this guide carefully before you do anything
2. Hex editor (attached file)
3. Mygs Editor (attached file)
4. GS Changer (attached file)
//Using the Hex editor
It's easy, but if not, for you:
1) If you want to search for an address press Ctrl + G, paste the hex addess in the line and press OK
2) If you want to search for an hex string press Ctrl + F, paste the hex string and search for it up and down changing the Direction
3) If you want to replace an hex string press Ctrl + R, paste the hex string you want to replace in the first line and paste the hex string you want to replace with in the second line, make sure that the Scope is from Cursor and not from Begin or it will replace the first string found from the beginning.
Tip: After you edit something in your Gameserver.exe, Save the changes in the hex editor, then copy your Gameserver.exe and paste it anywhere so you save whatever you have done with it. If you edit any hex string wrongly, your Gameserver.exe or link8.ink will not run.
Ok let’s start with some bugs, here is how to fix them:
//255 Potions Bug Fix
Replace this: Hex Address: 5be0e Hex String to edit: C7 45 94 00 00 40 40
with this one: Hex Address: 5be0e Hex String to edit: 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
//Blood Castle 6 Bug fix
Search in Hex Adress 112e80 for this String: 19 01 00 00 5e 01 00 00 05 01 00 00 5e 01 00 00
Replace both 5e 01 with e8 03.
//Party Zen Bug Fix
:eh: ..
Download this Gameserver.exe (attached file) with party zen and 255 potions bugs fixed and all other options by default so you can edit it as you wish, cuz i don't have the hex strings to fix the party zen bug, a friend fixed mine.
All fixed? Now this is how to edit some options:
//Edit Jewel Prices (This are the default jewel prices)
Jewel of Chaos: Hex Address: 80056 Hex String to edit: 10 5C
Jewel of Soul: Hex Address: 8003b Hex String to edit: 80 8D 5B
Jewel of Bless: Hex Address: 80021 Hex String to edit: 40 54 89
Jewel of Creation: Hex Address: 8008b Hex String to edit: 00 51 25 02
Jewel of Life: Hex Address: 80071 Hex String to edit: 40 A5 AE 02
You can also edit the jewel prices in both editors.
//Edit Jewel Success Rate (This are default success rates)
Jewel of Soul: Hex Address: 7a06c Hex String to edit: 32
Jewel of Soul + Luck: Hex Address: 79f8d Hex String to edit: 4B
Jewel of Life: Hex Address: 7a67b Hex String to edit: 32
Put 32 for 50%, 46 for 70%, 4B for 75%, 50 for 80%, 5A for 90%, and 00 for 100%
You can also edit the jewel success rate with both editors.
//Edit Potions Regeneration %
You can edit the % in both editors.
//Edit Maximum Players in your server (Default number is 500 players)
You can edit the number of maximum players with GS Changer.
//Edit Level Up Points (Default level up points is 7 for the Magic Gladiator, 5 for the rest)
You can edit the level up points in both editors.
//Edit Person Killer options
Pk Server
NonPk Server
You can edit this with Mygs Editor.
Pk just can kill a number of times:
Replace at address 5507 this string: 7C 16 8B 4D D8 0F BE 91 CC 00 00 00 83 FA 03 7C
with this: 90 90 8B 4D D8 0F BE 91 CC 00 00 00 83 FA 0A 7C
Replace at address 55097 this string: 00 00 83 F9 06 7C 16 8B 55 D4 0F BE 82 CC 00 00
with this: 00 00 83 F9 06 90 90 8B 55 D4 0F BE 82 CC 00 00
Replace at address 550a7 this string: 00 83 F8 03 7C 07 33 C0 E9 BA 12 00 00
with this: 00 83 F8 03 90 90 33 C0 90 90 90 90 90
0A is the number of times that players can kill other players, with a 0A value players can kill 10 times only.
//Edit Chaos Machine Success Rates
Chaos Item Creation +10 and +11 Success Rates
Evolution Wings Starting and Maximum Success Rates
You can edit this success rates with GS Changer program.
//Edit Max Level from 350 to 1000 (You need to change the exp formula too)
Max Level set:
1) Replace at address 59b9c this string: 83 7D 08 01 7C 09 81 7D 08 5E 01
with this one: 83 7D 08 01 7C 09 81 7D 08 E8 03
2) Replace at address 62a33 this string: 81 F9 5E 01 00
with this one: 81 F9 E8 03 00
3) Replace at address 8a2a7 this string: 81 7D F0 5E 01
with this one: 81 7D F0 E8 03
4) Replace at address 96d93 this string: 3D 5E 01 00 00
with this one: 3D E8 03 00 00
Edit exp formula for max level 1000:
1) Replace at address 8a2be this string: 6B D2 0A 8B 45 F0
with this one: 6B D2 01 8B 45 F0
2) Replace at address 8a2d7 this string: 83 C1 09 0F AF 4D EC 0F AF 4D EC 69 C9 E8 03
with this one: 83 C1 09 0F AF 4D EC 0F AF 4D EC 69 C9 02 00
Edit mana shield formula:
Edit mana shield absorb damage formula
Edit mana shield’s duration formula
You can edit this formula with GS Changer.
Edit your Gameserver.exe to enable items +15 +28%:
You can add this feature with GS Changer.
Change disguise rings mobs as you wish
You can change the mobs of the disguise rings with GS Changer.
Edit mobs exellent drop rate.
You can change this drop rate with Mygs Editor. Default exellent drop rate is 1/1200, wich means it's almost impossible to get an exellent item from a normal drop. I suggest to change 1200 for 30 or around for fast servers.
2 things you need to know before you use any of this editors:
For Mygs Editor: For some reason, when you put any jewel success rate at 100%, it crashes when you try to write it so put them at 99% or use the other editor (GS Changer).
For GS Changer: You need to run your Gameserver.exe first to use this editor (with Mygs Editor you dont need to run it).
Editors are very easy to use, i dont think you will have problems with them.

..and that's it, another chemical guide, any problems, just ask.
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  • 8) Pueden subir y bajar el Speed Hack, les recomiendo que usen 1.5 o 2.0. Pd: si o si tienen que esperar 25 minutos para activar el speed hack! Tutorial de como hackear y editarse en mu 99 b.
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  • Gameserver.rar (226.2 KB, 1957 views)

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