Load Suikoden 1 Data Epsxe

FAQ: Suikoden and Suikoden II save file transfer intsructions.

Q: I have both games on my PS3, can I load my save data into Suikoden II from Suikoden? How?

Sep 02, 2013  saya sudah mentamatkan suikoden 1 di psx dan sesuai dengan walkthourgh untuk ngesave sebelum lawan bos akhir. Tapi setelah tamat, ingin melanjutkan ke suikoden 2 dengan load suikoden 1 malah data save-an tidak ditemukan. Ini saya mainkan dilaptop menggunakan ePSXe v1.8.0 tolong.

A: Yes. The system works almost exactly like it does on the PS1. The virtual memory cards can be accessed and created on the XMB main menu, and in-game it will function the same.

Q: I have both games on my Vita, how can I load the save data into Suikoden II?

A: This is reasonably easy. But, you do have to jump through some more hoops to get it to work. When a PSone classic is downloaded, the Vita automatically creates two memory cards for it and it alone. So, we have to do some save-shuffling and copying.

  1. Once you have the save data from Gregminster, and have finished the game, start up Suikoden II.
  2. When the game starts, hold down the PS button to reach the menu and select 'Settings.'
  3. Select 'Memory Card Utility.'
  4. Select 'Import.'
  5. This displays Suikoden II's two memory cards. Hit the left or right arrows to scroll through memory cards for other PSone Classics already on your Vita, and you should see Suikoden come up.
  6. With Suikoden's memory card containing the end-game Gregminster file selected, you can copy over the whole card containing all your files by selecting it and using the chevron.
  7. Now, Suikoden II (card 1) will be a copy of the Suikoden card.
  8. Return to the game, and load the save file when prompted after you enter the hero's name.

Q: I have one game on Vita, and another on my PS3. How can I transfer the data?
A: This is easy. Start up both systems and either connect them via USB, or via WiFi. You will need to 'pair' your Vita with your PS3. For more info, see PlayStation's walkthrough: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3815/~/ps-vita-and-ps3-remote-play-guide
Once you have paired the two systems, here is how to move the save files from your PS3 to your Vita:
  1. On the Vita's main menu, start the Content Manager.
  2. Select 'Copy Content.'
  3. If you are connected via USB or WiFi, the two will connect.
  4. Select 'Copy Content: PS3 > Vita'
  5. Select 'Applications.'
  6. Then 'Saved Data: PlayStation.'
  7. Select 'Internal Memory Card (PSX).' Note that there could be any number of these, as this is a representation of all the Virtual Memory Cards on the PS3. You might have to sift through them manually to find the individual files.
  8. When you find the file you want, select it. Then, select 'Copy.'
  9. This screen lists all the Virtual memory cards on the Vita, two for each PSone Classic. Select either Suikoden II (1) or Suikoden II (2). Then hit 'OK.'
  10. Start up Suikoden II and it should work like exactly like the PSX once you are in-game.

Once you have paired the two systems, here is how to move the save files from your Vita to PS3:
  1. After Step 3 above, Select 'Copy Content: Vita > PS3.'
  2. Select 'Applications.'
  3. Select 'Saved Data: PlayStation.'
  4. Scroll through the long list of memory cards for all your PSone Classics until you find the file you want to transfer. Select 'Copy.'
  5. This displays all the PS3's Virtual Memory Cards. Select one of them, and then 'OK.'
  6. The data should now be transferred to the PS3.

Q: I have one game in Digital Format on the PSN, and another in Physical that I play on my PS1/PS2. How can I load those?
A: You will have to buy a Sony Memory Card Adapter for PS3. This is a specialized tool that allows the PS1 and PS2 'Magic Gate' memory cards to plug into the PS3 via its USB port. I got mine for about $25 USD at a local game shop, but there are third-party units that might be a bit cheaper. This is the only way that I know of to transfer files from older memory cards to the PS3. As far as I know, there is no way to transfer files between the PS Vita and older memory cards. Sorry.
Q: I wish to load my PSN Suikoden II's data onto my Physical copy of Suikoden III (PS2). How can I do that?
A: See the above answer, though it works in reverse order.