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Why is my vibrating joypad/joystick not working even if I install the driver that comes with it?

I personally am using Windows 7 64-bit. Windows detect my joypad and all features work except for the vibration [Z-Axis/Z-Rotation and Point of View Hat features may also not work.] Sometimes, vibration works but there is no option to reduce or increase it. There should be an option be set/change the level of vibration. Game Controller Settings do not show any option that mentions anything about vibration. What is the solution?


UPDATE: The link given below is no longer working. I have now uploaded the driver to my website; you can download it by clicking here. Password is

Download and install this USB joypad driver. [Use your Anti-Virus program to check this file/driver for viruses/malware. I used AVG Free addition to check this file and it found no threats.] I found this driver after a long, long online research. I own few cheap joypads; they are made by different brands one of which is Topway. This driver seems to work on all brands. I tested it in Windows XP and Vista; it works flawlessly. This driver also makes the point-of-view-hat POV switch to work properly. It gives you nice options to adjust the level of vibration; some joypads vibrate like hell, so this driver can make them vibrate the way you want them to.

This driver is a miracle!

This driver makes the D-Pad, left and right analog sticks, and all the buttons to properly work. It can also help if your joystick or joypad has calibration issues like jumpy axes. Windows 7 installs a default driver for the joypads I have; this default driver is only good in making the basic features of the joypad work, barely. In some joysticks, the default driver can cause calibration issues, which this new-driver can resolve.

Install the aforementioned driver; you will be amazed to see the difference it makes. Above driver link will take you to another website. I have no affiliation with this [oem-drivers dot com] website. On the download page, the website states that the driver is only compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and XP; however, I can confirm that it also works in Vista as well as Windows 7. Additionally, it works with both 32 and 64 bit Windows. If you are looking for a solution for Windows 8 or 10, then check the comment posted by “BloodOrchid.”

This driver works in all Windows!

This driver seems to work in all Windows and it solves all issues; additionally, there is no need to restart your PC. I have checked this driver in Windows 7 64-bit and here is what changed:



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Toad sql tuning module not installed. And corrected it? Just thought I would ask before opening another ticket.- Just in case. Has anyone seen this before?

Author: Tk
Date: 2017-01-20 17:38:33
Said: Thank you!!!!! Tested on windows 8.1 works precisely & on point.
Author: Eze
Date: 2016-11-08 16:43:34
Said: Hey…connecting a PS3 controller to my PC has been a nightmare. Almost there, now my only problem is the Hat View / Vibrations. I’ve followed your instructions (and bloodorchids) but my controller driver isn’t changing like your’s did. Why not?
Author: Ian
Date: 2017-02-25 09:48:57
Said: Ian said: I have twin usb joystick by Vinyson… Any way I can enable vibration?

Murage said: Vibration now works while testing but not when playing actual game. Any help?

Farhan Rezvani said: Hi every one, my joystick don’t calibrate in Win 10. I calibrate it but after I press apply, it gets un-calibrated. How can I fix it?

Abuzar said: Is it working in my windows 10?

Bruno said: To unlock, download and run Unlocker by IObit