Sliding Window Protocol Java Program


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Sliding window protocol 0 Answer(s) 5 years ago Posted in: Swing AWT. Will anybody send me the code to make sliding window protocol animation using java swings. I have to do project with all types sliding protocols such as selectiverepeat,gobackN.etc. Java program for sliding window protocol //sender program. Stop & wait protocol using sockets in java; 82. Soal ujian sekolah sd. Java program for sliding window protocol.

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This class is used to implement the acknowledgement timer that
is used to decide if a separate acknowledgement frame should be
sent if there is no reverse traffic.
privateTimer timer;
privateAcknowledgementTimerEventGenerator ateg;//the class to generate the associated timeout events for the SWE.
publicAcknowledgementTimer ( intmsec, SWEswe )
ateg =newAcknowledgementTimerEventGenerator (swe);
this.timer =newTimer (msec, ateg);
publicvoidstartTimer ( )
if ( timer.isRunning() )
//restarting if it is already running.
//if it is not running, starting it.
publicvoidstopTimer ( )
//stopping the timer
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