Tomb Raider Anniversary Fly Trainer

Tomb Raider: Anniversary - + 9 trainer - Download Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Tomb Raider: Anniversary.This trainer may not.

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Hope this sorts it out for everyone. The current fly tool allows you to move Lara to any position in the game, with a few notes to be taken into account:
1. If you get attacked by animals while you are in fly mode, you will fall off the map. Disabling the tool will bring you back to the place you left the map through.
2. Going through a locked door, and disabling the tool will bring you back before that door.
3. Jumping/crouching while in fly mode will also make Lara drop off the map.
How to use it, simple. Launch the game, then the tool. Get on a map, activate the tool with F11 (note the same key - F11 - is used for both activating/deactivating the fly mode) and use 1 or 2 keys to go up/down. Additionally, you can use the slider to go up/down faster, by setting a bigger value.
There are a few versions of the game out, so I've adapted the tool for each of them :
* For the 4.58 MB and 8.93 MB sized tra.exe (also works with Steam version) - get it here
* For the 19 MB sized tra.exe - get it here
* And for the demo - get it here
Cheers and have fun!