Wandrv Terbaru

Wandrv (Driver Universal) Kembali meluncurkan versi terbaru-nya, yang disetiap bulan-nya akan memberikan update-an terbaru. Penambahan dan perbaikan pada sistem dan data base terus selalu diperbarui mengikuti perkembangan hardware komputer.

EasyDrv7 v7.17.1023.1 Pack+Eng (Win 7+Win 8/8.1+Win 10) X86 & X64 – Nov -2017


Download the latest EasyDrv7 v7.17.1023.1 Pack+Eng (09/11/2017), support for missing driver detection, outdated drivers, automatic installation or update drivers for PCs and laptops, offline operation, no need Network, support all windows (win xp, win 7, win 8, win 10, 32bit and 64bit), every machine. Simple operation, full driver installation with only 3 clicks.

There are no EasyDrv7 Vietnamese version, you use the English language temporarily:

  1. The most important thing: Remember to uncheck the stick on the menu to not have junk software installed.
  2. Then switch to the tab as the second click on the blue text lines so that it turns red as shown, to not be installed junk software when installing drivers.
  3. Go back to the first page, left select the driver you want to install or update
  4. There are 3 options on the right, see the caption on the picture, tick then click Settings
  5. Reset the machine to the driver is applied.
  6. After resetting the device, if you go to Device Manager find missing driver (this is very rare for desktop computers, laptops are depending on the machine, the new machine WanDrv does not support enough drivers …) You can find the missing driver on the driver download page of your laptop, or use the software to automatically find, download, install and update drivers for the following computers and laptops

There is a full set of drivers for most desktops, from desktop to notebook, if you do not want to spend time downloading individual drivers for your machine or you are a technician who installs the client machine to ensure Quick, light, this is an indispensable driver

Version information

  • Driver Version: 7.17.303.2
  • Supported Systems: Windows 7 (x86 / x64), Windows 10 (x86 / x64)
  • Default language: English

Download EasyDrv7 for Win 7 32bit :

Download EasyDrv7 for Win 7 64bit :

Download EasyDrv7 for Win 10 32bit :

Prosedur operasi standard. Download EasyDrv7 for Win 10 64bit :


~ Question : How useful life how?
~ Answer : Install Windows first, download the appropriate drivers with windows that agan installed, check the version windowsnya whether 64bit or 86 / 32bit. Then run WanDrv6 (Win10.x64) .exe “for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 64bit” folder that is inside WanDrv 6.6.2016.0815 and so on in accordance with the version of the OS is installed, then tick the box “Del Drivers after install” and then press the button start, wait until completion, typically a computer will restart automatically, if it does not restart automatically please be restarted manually.

Neve preamp kit. ~ Question : Is it possible for laptop and computer?
~ Answer : WanDrv [Easy Driver Pack] can be used 99% type and brand motherboard good for laptop or computer.

~ Question : RAR Passwordnya what?
~ Answer : All of the files that I uploaded never my password.

~ Question : After downloading and I extract detected as malware.
~ Answer : just a false alarm, I never upload file whose contents can make people who download so much trouble because of my intention just want to share. If you are hesitant to download drivers from our site please check the brand your motherboard and download the official drivers from sites that are also authorized in accordance with the brand motherboard respectively.

~ Question : Mas why the file can not be downloaded right?
~ Answer : Checks IDM you if you wear IDM, IDM outdated patch will usually cause problems going to download, usually at the site youtube, google and others.
and all of the files that I uploaded are public and can be downloaded by anyone, from the link dicopas site any (even without including the source) hehehe (sorry copaser not me angry, I just nyentil little because the download takes hours, upload also took many hours and you just copy paste with no time 5 minutes then look like heroes hehehehe ).

~ questions about hardware either a laptop or a computer associated with the installation of this software please can contact with us by E-mail, BBM or WA (free and do not expect to get any compensation, if our answer is rather long please understandable because we also serves Client2 work and we are offline).
~ If there are problems with the download link, please leave a comment, we will immediately correct or we re-upload. Hopefully helpful

WanDrv 6.6.2016.0815 [Stable English Version] Win Xp+7+8+8.1+10{X86+64Bit} ArmaanPC

WanDrv6.6.2016.0815 Win 7.x86