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Bridging the gap between Japanese pop and Western pop surprisingly capably, the Brilliant Green have stood at the crossroads of cultural idioms for years, progressively adding elements from the Beatles on top of the rising and falling J-pop structure. Though J-pop as a whole has incorporated elements of Western music and diverged somewhat from the days of sheer idol-singing, where the Brilliant Green broke away from the pack is in their stronger adherence to Western aesthetics and craft. The music here has a vastly more crafted feel to it, it's a thing of work and art rather than a piece of manufactured goods (though not all Japanese pop has a manufactured sheen to it, it is a stereotypical element). There are influences of Tom Petty here, of the Stones, Sheryl Crow, and the Nashville scene. The Brilliant Green may be the Japanese equivalent to a band like Pearl Jam, putting together wide influences of classic forms and bands into something still new. Moreover, they do so in a solid manner, with arrangements leaving no obvious gaps or joints, with instruments being played just as they should be to fit the song rather than to display their newest trick, with lead singer Tomoko Kawase using her voice to fit the song as well, never quite forcing herself to the front except as the melody demands, but never falling behind the instruments, either. The compositions are absolutely solid, and always interesting while keeping within understandable structures. The band isn't overly exploratory and doesn't give in to the urge toward novelty for its own sake, instead moving toward more traditional rock. Here, all of their recorded singles over the years show not only their progression as artists, but their unique format. Absolutely worth listening to, for fans of Japanese and American pop and rock alike.

1 4:33
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
3 4:01
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
5 5:11
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
7 3:52
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
9 3:25
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
11 4:24
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
13 3:54
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
15 3:40
Tomoko Kawase / Shunsaku Okuda
17 4:32
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Depeche Mode are to issue Video Singles Collection, in November, a first-ever career-spanning anthology of promo videos and short films.
The three-DVD package is being issued by Sony (they acquired the rights to the band’s catalogue in July last year) and spans the years 1981-2013. It features more than four hours of newly restored music videos and over two hours of new audio commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release.

The band have worked with some ground-breaking directors over the years, including Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, John Hillcoat and others.

“It’s been amazing to go back and relive all the experiences and memories these videos evoke after all these years”, the band are quoted as saying, adding, “It’s incredible to have all our videos finally together in one place and we’re hoping our fans enjoy this journey through time as much as we did.”

Artist the brilliant green Album the brilliant green complete single collection '97-'08 Released 2008.09.02 (Blu-spec CD) Catalog Number DFCL-1441~2 (CD+DVD) DFCL-1443 (CD Only). The Brilliant Green-complete single collection '97-'08專輯歌詞, Bye Bye Mr.Mug歌詞, goodbye and good luck歌詞, There will be love there. Feb 9, 2018 - If file is deleted from your desired shared host first try checking different host by clicking on another file title. If you still have trouble downloading.

El caso de cristo movie. Excitingly for fans, Video Singles Collection is the first in “a series of band-approved retrospective projects” so we wait with anticipation to see what will follow. If you have any suggestions, then leave a comment.

Video Singles Collection is released on 11 November 2016.

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The Video Singles Collection [DVD] [NTSC]

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Just Can’t Get Enough (directed by Clive Richardson)

See You (directed by Julien Temple)

The Meaning Of Love (directed by Julien Temple)

Leave In Silence (directed by Julien Temple)

Get The Balance Right (directed by Kevin Hewitt)

Everything Counts (directed by Clive Richardson)

Love, In Itself (directed by Clive Richardson)

People Are People (directed by Clive Richardson)

Master And Servant (directed by Clive Richardson)

Blasphemous Rumours (directed by Clive Richardson)

Somebody (directed by Clive Richardson)

Shake The Disease (directed by Peter Care)

It’s Called A Heart (directed by Peter Care)

Stripped (directed by Peter Care)

But Not Tonight (directed by Tamra Davis)

A Question Of Lust (directed by Clive Richardson)

A Question Of Time (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Strangelove (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Never Let Me Down Again (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Behind The Wheel (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Little 15 (directed by Martyn Atkins)

Strangelove ’88 (directed by Martyn Atkins)

Everything Counts (Live – from “101”) (directed by D.A. Pennebaker)

Personal Jesus (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Enjoy The Silence (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Policy Of Truth (directed by Anton Corbijn)

World In My Eyes (directed by Anton Corbijn)

I Feel You (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Walking In My Shoes (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Condemnation (Paris Mix) (directed by Anton Corbijn)

One Caress (directed by Kevin Kerslake)

In Your Room (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Barrel Of A Gun (directed by Anton Corbijn)

It’s No Good (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Home (directed by Steven Green)

Useless (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Only When I Lose Myself (directed by Brian Griffin)

Dream On (directed by Stephane Sednaoui)

I Feel Loved (directed by John Hillcoat)

Freelove (directed by John Hillcoat)

Goodnight Lovers (directed by John Hillcoat)

Enjoy The Silence ’04 (directed by Uwe Flade)

Precious (directed by Uwe Flade)

A Pain That I’m Used To (directed by Uwe Flade)

Suffer Well (directed by Anton Corbijn)

John The Revelator (directed by Blue Leach)

Martyr (directed by Robert Chandler)

Wrong (directed by Patrick Daughters)

Peace (directed by Jonas and François)

Hole To Feed (directed by Eric Wareheim)

Fragile Tension (directed by Rob Chandler and Barney Steel)

Personal Jesus 2011 (directed by Patrick Daughters)

Heaven (directed by Timothy Saccenti)

Soothe My Soul (directed by Warren Fu)

Should Be Higher (directed by Anton Corbijn)