Unearth The Oncoming Storm Zip

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  • Download FLAC Unearth - The Oncoming Storm 2004 lossless CD, MP3.
  • Jan 26, 2018 - Band, Unearth. Title, The Oncoming Storm. Label, Metal Blade Records. Generic musical style, Modern Metal / Metalcore. Detailed musical.

This album kicks major ass. Most metalcore bands today don't have the testosterone, the balls, the top tier musicianship, the lyrics, or a The Oncoming Storm in their discography. It is that good.
The albums that come in mind when listening to this album the most from that period are definitely Killswitch Engage's Alive or Just Breathing and Lamb of God's Ashes of the Wake. It has elements of melodic metalcore, melodic death metal, thrash metal, and groove metal- which immediately bring the term 'good melodic riffing' to mind- which the album is infested with. Go match and lame modern mallcore riffs to the riffs of Unearth- and this album shows them in their full pride. Black Hearts Now Reign, Failure, Zombie Autopilot, and Predetermined Sky are just brief examples of what's going in the album. The riffing is all over here, and there is no weak guitar or bass one in the entire album. Most of them are Gothenburgy-melodic, but don't sound like they were ripped from the melodeath bands Unearth were inspired by. There are even solos here, which are scattered throughout the album and add to its musical variety.
Aside from the energetic riffing, the vocals are really great too. There is a trend among modern metalcore bands to have whiny clean and harsh vocals, but not Unearth- because of them being a part of the pinnacle of modern metalcore, and for the band having to show the correct way of playing the genre, the screams are very intense and the rarely used cleans here are very strong and emotive- which none are whiny, nor weak, nor fall out of quality in the entire duration of the album. The lyrics in this album even have a meaning to them! It's a pretty rare thing not to sing about teen angst as a metalcore band, but instead, the band sings about politics and war. And when they are written so well and are preformed by a band like this it definitely adds to the album. There's even a piano driven song here, which has a very depressing atmosphere and is accompanied by some of the most harrowing metalcore screams ever.
Another integral part of modern metalcore, is you guess, breakdowns. Either you don't do them, or you do them tastefully- and Unearth chose the second option. The breakdowns in the songs This Lying World, Black Hearts Now Reign, and Lie To Purify for example, are really solid, strong, and not overused or repetitive, which is also a rare thing among modern metalcore bands. And all of them are tastefully used, even though there's one in almost every song. The production here is also really heavy and adds volume to the album. It isn't flat and overly clean like the genre is, but instead, it's very dirty but very proffesional too. It makes every instrument stand out- either the pummeling drums, or the kickass riffing, or the harsh vocals.
Overall, this is one of the best metalcore albums ever fucking made period, and provides a pinnacle in the metalcore genre, and I guess that heights like this album reached will remain untouched for a long time. Mandatory for every metalcore fan, and very recommended for melodeath/melothrash fans too.