Golf Card Game With Skip Bo Cards

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Skip-Bo Rules PLAYERS: Six in partnership at a table. EQUIPMENT: Deck of 144 cards numbered one through twelve and eighteen Skip-Bo cards.Cards are ranked from one (1) low to twelve (12) high, with all Skip-Bo card being wild. Ripple with Skip Bo Cards. We started playing this game a. Then you just take turns picking cards from the pile. If a card you pick up matches. Skip-Bo is a fun and easy-to-play card game that can be enjoyed by 2-6 players. Be the first player to exhaust. The deck contains Skip-Bo cards that are wild and can be used as any number. Game Play - The player left of. How To Play Golf.

Play is exactly as by the standard rules. The advantage of this variant is that if you are particularily tight on space, want to take Skip-Bo along, and are already taking a couple of standard decks of cards anyway, this allows you to play Skip-Bo without having to take its single purpose cards.
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