Dragon Naturally Speaking Bahasa Indonesia

Dragon Naturally Speaking Bahasa Indonesia' title='Dragon Naturally Speaking Bahasa Indonesia' />Though he was supposedly in Camelot to act as an.

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

The latest version of the voice control software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is amazing voice recognition software that lets you control the computer with your voice.It almost sounds like science fiction, but Dragon NaturallySpeaking totally exceeded our expectations. It seems that voice..View full description


  • Speak naturally to the computer
  • Amazing level of accuracy
  • Seamlessly embedded with Windows
  • Useful for dictation and voice-controlling the PC

CONS Cracked ipa for ipad.

  • You need to train the program
  • Requires some time to improve accuracy
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  • License

    Full Version

  • OS

    Windows Vista

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking is also compatible with:

    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows 2003
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  • Language


    Available languages

    • English
    • Italian
    • French
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Spanish
  • Version

    Home 13

  • Developer

    Nuance More Programs (21)

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