Kiso Suzuki Guitar Serial Numbers

Kiso Suzuki vintage guitar in superb condition. Very well made guitar with quality woods and finish, built to last and sound great forever! Suzuki Three S Series Dreadnaught acoustic guitar Made in Japan 1976.

Suzuki Guitars,: Rated 2.5 of 5, check 2 Reviews of Suzuki Guitars, Musical Instrument. Sections of this page. Kiso suzuki serial numbers.

Just picked up an old Kiso, Suzuki F-100 acoustic off CL, cheap. It's nothing fancy, but it's cute and it sounds OK. X-bracing, laminate, mother of toilet seat inlays. Not a lot of overtones (but the strings that were on it were pretty old, so I'll let you know what it sounds like with new strings once I figure out a few. Riptide Pro Serial Number R13 there. I think it'll be pretty good for slide though. Questions: Any way to date these? EDIT: Looks like 1972 Label reads (in English, so I'm guessing not a Japan only model): K.

Suzuki KISO, SUZUKI VIOLIN CO., LTD. F-100 JAPAN Serial#: 29034 It doesn't have the 'lawsuit' Martin ripoff headstock logo, so I'm guessing later rather than earlier. EDIT: 1972 (It has a zero fret, which were popular in the 80s with trashy guitars to try to fix intonation issues). Download ecotect analysis 2011 full crack. One weird thing; I just took the old strings off to clean it and the strings go right through the top so the ball ends are inside the guitar! The strings are fed _through_ the top, so you need to reach inside to remove them. I'm guessing at some point in its life someone drilled through the string holes in the bridge to do this.

Maybe the bridge pins weren't holding or something? Is this normal?

Manual Para Carburador Bocar 2 Gargantas. (I've never had an acoustic with pegs before) EDIT: Thanks to, I found this with dates, prices, and model numbers. Looks like mine was made from Oct 1968 to Jan 1973 and sold for the princely sum of Y15,000 in 1968 dropping to Y10,000 for the rest of its lifetime.

So, an approximately $100 guitar woohoo Wonder how to decipher that serial #. Without others to compare, it's not possible. Might be meaningless to try anyway. I'm so tempted to use the Japanese calendar dates though: Oct Showa 42 to Jan Showa 48. The strings feeding through the top thing. OK, so I did some digging, using that spreadsheet as a Rosetta stone.